Overview of finding a location

There are four ways to find a location with StreetMap: using the pen to tap on a segment on the map, searching for an address or location, or using the GPS position or using a pair of latitude and longitude coordinates.

Using the pen to tap on the map at a segment to find a location is called reverse geocoding. If you already know the address of the location you are looking for, select Find Address or Location from the Find Location dropdown menu to fill in this information.


Removing a location:There are three methods for removing a location. Your first option is to tap the Find Location button, tap and hold your pen within the callout of the location that you want to remove, and tap Remove. Optionally, you can tap away from the street segment on a map. Your third option is to tap the Find Location drop-down arrow and tap Unselect Location. A right mouse click on a PC is equivalent to a tap and hold on a Windows Mobile device.