NMEA 0183 sentences recognized by ArcPad

ArcPad supports a number of protocols for communicating with receivers, one of which is the NMEA 0183 version 2.0 standard protocol defined by the National Marine Electronics Association. The NMEA 0183 standard definition is available from http://www.nmea.org.

The NMEA 0183 standard defines sentences that are used to transmit data. These sentences consist of printable ASCII text (plus carriage return and line feed). Each sentence consists of the following data sequence:

The NMEA 0183 standard allows individual manufacturers to define proprietary sentence formats. These sentences start with $P, then a 3-letter manufacturer ID, followed by data from the manufacturer that follows the general format of the standard sentences.

A sample NMEA 0183 sentence for the GPS fix data might be as follows:

$GPGGA,121505,4807.038,N,01131.324,E,1,08,0.9,133.4,M,46.9,M, , *42


The NMEA 0183 version 3.0 standard adds the following additional values for the $GPGGA fix quality, which ArcPad recognizes:

ArcPad recognizes the following NMEA 0183 version 2.0 or higher sentences.


The first 8 sentences in this table contain the two-letter talker ID, GP. Other talker ID's can be substituted here to equally describe sentences applicable to different receiver types (eg: $GLGGA represents GLONASS fix data).




GPS fix data


Geographic position, latitude and longitude


GPS Dilution of Precision (DOP) and active satellites


GPS satellites in view


Recommend minimum specific GPS/TRANSIT data


Range residual error


Track made good and ground speed


Time and date


Estimated error information (Garmin Proprietary)


Sensor Information (Garmin Proprietary)


GPS hardware and software version numbers (Magellan Proprietary)


Position information (Ashtech Proprietary)


GPS satellite tracking status information (Ashtech Proprietary)


Version Information (Rockwell Proprietary)


Channel Status (Rockwell Proprietary)


Depth, in meters


Water Temperature, in degrees Celcius

Most receivers output a limited number of NMEA 0183 sentences. ArcPad uses data from a number of NMEA 0183 sentences to display all of the information in the GPS Position Window as well as to populate the fields associated with the GPS Tracklog. When information is not displayed in the GPS Position Window it is usually the result of ArcPad not receiving the required NMEA 0183 sentence from the receiver.