Activating your rangefinder

In order to activate your rangefinder in ArcPad, you first need to ensure that the rangefinder is correctly connected to your mobile device, the correct rangefinder extension is enabled, and that the rangefinder protocol and communication parameters in ArcPad match the settings on the rangefinder. You also need to turn your rangefinder on before activating it in ArcPad.

  1. Configure your rangefinder to output data using one of the rangefinder protocols supported by ArcPad.
  2. Enable the correct rangefinder extension in ArcPad. By default, the rangefinder extensions are all disabled in ArcPad (to conserve memory). You will need to choose the extension that best matches your device. Extensions are enabled and disabled on the Extensions tab of the Advanced Settings dialog box.
  3. Connect your rangefinder to your mobile device using the appropriate cables, null modem adapters, and gender changers, or Bluetooth communication settings.
  4. Set the rangefinder protocol and communication parameters in the Rangefinder Preferences dialog box to match the settings on the rangefinder.
  5. Tap the arrow to the right of the GPS Position Window button to display the drop-down list.
  6. Tap Rangefinder Active.

    The Rangefinder Active icon is highlighted with a red box when the rangefinder is active.


    Deactivating your rangefinder: If the rangefinder is activated, you can deactivate it by tapping Rangefinder Active.