Overview of navigating with your GPS

ArcPad offers two methods for basic navigation when using a GPS connected to ArcPad.

First, ArcPad provides navigational information from the current GPS position to the destination. This information includes the distance and bearing to the destination (calculated by ArcPad) and the speed and course over ground, which ArcPad obtains from the GPS receiver.

The term navigation destination is similar to the term waypoint used by the GPS industry, with the exception that waypoints generally refer to destination points, whereas ArcPad navigation destinations can include coordinates on a map as well as point, line, or polygon features. ArcPad provides four tools for selecting a navigation destination:

The second basic navigation method that ArcPad provides is a GPS Tracklog. A GPS Tracklog is an electronic breadcrumb trail that illustrates the path you have traveled. The GPS Tracklog can help you backtrack from your current GPS position to your starting point.