Selecting a navigation destination using the Go To tool

The Go To tool can be used to select a navigation destination. Simply activate the tool and tap anywhere on the map to select your destination.

  1. Tap the arrow below the Identify button to display the drop-down list.


  2. Tap Go To.
  3. The Go To button is displayed on the Browse toolbar and is depressed to indicate that the tool is active.
  4. Tap the map to select a navigation destination.


    The destination is displayed with a Mark label.

  5. Use the GPS Position Window to view the distance (DST) and bearing (BRG) from your current GPS position to your selected destination


    Activating the GPS: It is not necessary to activate the GPS before selecting a navigation destination. However, the GPS does need to be activated in order to open the GPS Position Window and view the distance and bearing to the destination.


    Clearing the selected destination: To clear the selected destination and remove the destination Mark label, tap the Clear Selected tool NO ALT TEXT located on the drop-down list below the Find Features button on the Browse toolbar. The Mark label is displayed when a destination has been selected.


    Refer to section, Activating GPS, for help on activating the GPS.