QuickProject to Geodatabase

The QuickProject to Geodatabase tool allows users to convert shapefiles from a QuickProject into feature classes in a new geodatabase, and also converts associated feature categories, into coded value domains in the new geodatabase.

To use the tool, enter the name of the QuickProject folder that contains the shapefiles, the location where you wish to create the new geodatabase, and the preferred geodatabase type - either a file geodatabase (gdb) or personal geodatabase (mdb).

The tool will create one feature class for each layer that exists in the input folder. If a category field is defined (as is the case in a default QuickProject) a domain (of type 'coded values') will be created. The category from the shapefile will be entered as the domain code and the label will be entered as the domain code's description.

If you have many QuickProjects that you wish to merge, it is recommended that you:

For large projects, or for tasks that need to be repeated, consider building a model that uses the QuickProject to Geodatabase tool as part of the process.