Using ModelBuilder to streamline check out

Assume you have a project where you routinely update your geodatabase with field data (and do not have ArcGIS Server). You have several field workers, they each collect and return data which you put back into the central database, and each worker needs an up-to-date version of the whole database (with everyone else's edits) each time they go back out. You have created custom forms for your users to collect data, and you simply want to run a tool that provides current ArcPad files for your users each day (or week or month).

This is the type of task that the geoprocessing tools are really designed for. To complete the scenario above you can build a model in ModelBuilder and incorporate one of two ArcPad geoprocessing tools:

ArcPad Check Out

The ArcPad Check Out tool is designed to enable analyzed or processed data to be checked out to ArcPad regardless of having, or creating, an MXD. This tool can be incorporated into models that may perform processing tasks on geodatabase layers. For example, you may merge layers from many files first, or want to run spatial analysis that creates unique geographic areas for data collection/maintenance.

A sample model, demonstrating the use of the ArcPad Check Out tool, can be downloaded from ArcScripts at . Please read the enclosed word document for installation, use, and customization guidance.

Process ArcPad Project

The Process ArcPad Project geoprocessing tool can also be incorporated into a model, but is dependent upon a previously configured Map Document (.mxd). To configure a Map Document, the user must first run the Prepare project for Geoprocessing tool, on the ArcPad Data Manager toolbar in ArcMap. Completing this wizard will generate an ArcPad configuration file (.apo) stored in the same location as the .mxd. The Process ArcPad Project geoprocessing tool will require both the mxd and apo (in the same folder location) to generate files for ArcPad. The Process ArcPad Project tool is best described as a 'repeat' tool. You are able to configure your check out once (in ArcMap), and simply replay it over and over. This is ideal when your check out area does not change, only the data within it is being updated.