Overview of ArcPad toolbars

ArcPad tools are organized onto five default toolbars. You can switch between toolbars by choosing a toolbar icon from the toolbar selector. As you choose the toolbar icon, you will see that the tools in the area below it also change.

The five default toolbars:

The Command Bar is located at the bottom (by default) of the ArcPad window and is only visible while editing. The Main toolbar contains the tools necessary for managing your data. The Browse toolbar allows you to explore your data by panning, zooming, and retrieving information. The Edit toolbar and the Command Bar activate the editing tools so you can add new data or update existing data. The Navigation toolbar contains the tools for geocoding and routing with StreetMap data, and adding your default .sdc basemap to ArcPad.

ArcPad toolbars

You can switch between toolbars by:

The Command Bar is automatically displayed when a layer is selected for editing.

Quick Action

By default, on the left-hand side of the toolbars is a large round button Quick Action. This is the Quick Action button. You can choose what action this tool performs for fast, easy access. You can choose to assign a single tool, making the Quick Action button a one-click stop for your most used tool, or choose to assign multiple tools to create a Quick Action menu.

By default, when you click on this tool, a selection of commonly used tools are listed as a menu.

To modify the Quick Action button, launch design mode and use the Toolbar Editor to remove or add tools from the Quick Action button. For more information, refer to the Steps to modify the standard toolbars.


The Quick Action button can be hidden from view, but not deleted completely. To hide the Quick Action button, uncheck the Quick Action button from the Toolbars menu item on the Quick Access menu.

If the Quick Action menu is removed completely from the ArcPad.apx, the button will still be available in ArcPad (if not hidden) but will have only a single action—it will launch the New Quick Project tool.

Quick Access menu

The display of toolbars can be easily changed within ArcPad from the Quick Access menu, located on the right-hand corner of the toolbar area, as shown below.

Quick Access menu

The Quick Access menu icon Quick Access menu icon gives you the options to:

Toolbars can be docked to the top, bottom, left, and right of the screen, and various parts of the total toolbar area hidden.

You can create new or modify existing toolbars from within ArcPad itself, while in Design Mode. You can further customize your toolbars using ArcPad Studio.

Toolbars can have an unlimited number of tools. A toolbar that contains more tools has a scroll toolbar on the right-hand side, so the tools can be viewed by scrolling left and right. Scroll toolbar only appears if there are too many tools to fit within the allocated toolbar space.