Using the Device Emulator in ArcPad Studio

To start using a Device Emulator, open ArcPad Studio and click the Emulator menu.

If an emulator has previously been chosen (as in the above screenshot), the first item in the Emulator menu will be 'Connect to [Device Name]. You can choose this to connect to the Device emulator. If an emulator has not been previously chosen, or you wish to change emulator, choose 'Select Device Emulator' and from the list choose an emulator and click 'OK'.

When you choose 'Show Device Emulator manager', You will see all of the device emulator images available, and the one you just opened will have a green arrow beside it.

To cradle your connected emulated device, right click on your open device, and choose to cradle it. You can now use active sync or window device centre to communicate between your PC and emulated windows mobile device, in that same way that you would a physical windows mobile device.

An alternative way to move files to and from your PC and emulated Windows Mobile device is to create a shared folder. This is a folder on your PC, that the emulated mobile device will recognize as an SD Card. Using a shared folder is a great way to edit files on the PC and then test (without copying) on windows mobile. To configure a shared folder choose File>Configure on the windows mobile emulator.

On the general tab, nominate a 'shared folder' and click 'OK'.

Now when you browse on your windows mobile emulator with File Explorer, you will see a SD Card with the contents of your shared folder from your PC.