Why use Microsoft Device Emulators with ArcPad Studio?

Microsoft supply device emulators for existing and coming Windows Mobile devices. Emulators are a great tool for testing custom ArcPad projects, because you can see exactly how your application will look in the Windows Mobile environment from the comfort of your desktop. Of course there are some aspects of a Windows Mobile project that just can't be tested inside but Emulators provide a great way for rapid development in between going outside. Going outside is crucial to creating a good a custom ArcPad project, working in bright sunlight or shade is the only way to confirm things like color choice.

There are two ways to get Microsoft Device Emulators onto your PC:

If you already have Visual Studio installed on your PC, you will require no further configuration. If you do not have Visual Studio installed refer to the topic Enabling the Device Emulator in ArcPad Studio (for non Visual Studio users).