Creating QuickProject Templates

You can create a QuickProject Template from any layers.

  1. Create a working folder for the template you wish to create. Place in this folder all of the layers that you wish to include. Ensure these files include any desired custom forms (either derived from the ArcPad Data manager or created using ArcPad Studio)
  2. Open all of the layers from this folder in ArcPad and save an ArcPad map document (apm) called Template.apm into the same working folder
  3. Create a zip file containing all of the files inside this working folder. be aware that you must ensure that the zip file contains the project files directly, and that they are not contained within a folder or subfolder. Folder contents within a zip file are not recognizable as an ArcPad template.
  4. Copy this zip file to the Templates folder under the ArcPad installation folder, either on your desktop PC or windows mobile device.
  5. Next time you attempt to create a QuickProject in ArcPad, your new template will appear in the Templates drop down list.