What are Quick Project Templates?

A template is a collection of files that are copied into a new QuickProject folder. When creating a new QuickProject, if 'default' is chosen in the Template drop down box, a default QuickProject will be created containing 3 shapefiles: point.shp, line.shp, and polygon.shp. These are the same files that were created in ArcPad 8's QuickProject tool.

Installed with ArcPad are four sample templates that you can use in place of the default template: Fire Perimeter, Tree Register and Sign Survey and Short Shoreline Assessment (Short Shoreline Assessment only available on PC). More information on these templates can be found by tapping the info tool next to the template drop down box on the QuickProject dialog.

A Template is simply a zip file containing all the layers that make up the template, and an apm file called Template.apm that references all of these layer files. You can easily create your own template from any layers. The layers can be shapefiles, AXF layers or raster layers.

Every time you choose to create a new QuickProject, and you nominate a template, you will create a new set of files based upon the template - but without editing your original files.

Some examples of how templates can be used are: