Get Data For ArcPad

'Get Data for ArcPad' tool NO ALT TEXT allows you to select which layers in your map you want to extract for use in ArcPad.

The sample data ‘Riverside’ (which is installed when you install ArcPad) is used in the topic 'Steps to get Data for ArcPad'. Before starting, there are three key choices in checking out data:

  1. Check out for disconnected editing in ArcPad: This action requests that the layer be added to the resultant AXF. Tables related to those layers selected for check out will be included in the newly created .AXF File. The .AXF File format enables field editing of related tables in ArcPad.”.The Schema only option will check out the structure of the feature layer, with no actual data being present. An example of where this could be used is if you were collecting locations and data of speeding offences and you did not require the field user to have any of the previously collected data. They will only be able to add new features/data.
  2. Export as background data (to Shapefile):By selecting this action, you are requesting to export shapefiles as background data only. All layers selected in this way will be exported as individual, stand alone shapefiles. These shapefiles can still be opened in ArcPad but the edits cannot be checked in. By default they are read only. Alternatively you can choose to make these shapefiles editable, but the edits cannot be checked back into the geodatabase. This option should be used for layers that are for reference only. For example, contour, and parcel layers are often very large, and usually are not edited. They are for reference only. A read only shapefile version of these layers will increase the draw speed of your map.
  3. Export as background data (to AXF layer): By selecting this option, you are requesting to create axf layers. AXF files can only be opened in ArcPad or ArcPad Studio. They cannot be viewed or queried in ArcCatalog or ArcMap. In ArcPad you can add and remove AXF feature Layers as you can add and remove shapefiles. Related tables are only visible in ArcPad when you select a feature from a Feature Layer that has a related record. In ArcPad Studio you are able to browse the contents of an AXF file, but you are unable to alter the data. You are however, able to add customisations to the AXF including layer icons, custom forms, symbology, labelling and scripting.