Steps to explore your data

In this task you will explore the Riverside data, using ArcCatalog, to view the feature data sets, feature classes, tables and relationship classes included in the Riverside personal geodatabase. You will also view the domains defined for the poles feature class.

  1. On your PC, start ArcCatalog by clicking Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcCatalog.
  2. Navigate to the Riverside geodatabase, which is located under the \Users\Public\Documents\ArcPad\Samples\Riverside folder.
  3. Double-click the Riverside geodatabase to display the LandBase and Utilities feature data sets.
  4. Double-click the Utilities feature data set to display the feature classes.


    We will be working with the Poles feature class in the Utilities feature data set. The Poles feature class has a Poles_lights relationship class, which defines the relationship between the Poles feature class and the Lights table. There is also a LightHasLightInspections relationship class, which defines the relationship between the Lights and LightInspections tables.

  5. Double-click the Poles feature class to open the Feature Class Properties dialog box.
  6. Click on the Relationships page in the Feature Class Properties dialog box. This shows that the Poles feature class participates in a relationship with the Lights table.


  7. Click on the Subtypes page in the Feature Class Properties dialog box. the following window comes up:

    The Poles feature class does not have any subtypes defined, but it does have coded value domains defined for the MATERIAL and MANUFACTURER fields.

  8. Click Domains.

    There are a number of domains defined for the geodatabase, although only two are used by the Poles feature class.

  9. Click the Manufacturers domain.

    The Manufacturers domain has three coded values.

    Repeat this step to view the coded values for the Material domain.

    You have completed the task of exploring the Riverside data.

  10. You can click Cancel in each of the dialog boxes to close the dialog box without saving any changes.