Exploring your data

In this exercise you will use ArcPad and the ArcPad Data Manager for ArcGIS to conduct an electrical pole inspection. As in the real world, poles can have many attachments such as lights mounted on the poles. You will be inspecting the poles and the attached lights. There are two inspection relationships. The first relationship is for the pole itself: each pole can have multiple lights. The second relationship is for light inspections: each light can be inspected multiple times. Both of these relationships are referred to as a one-to-many relationship, or 1: α These relationships are illustrated in the following diagram:


The exercise uses the Riverside sample data that is included with ArcPad. The Riverside.mdb personal geodatabase Riverside.mdb is located under the Samples\Riverside folder in the ArcPad public files directory.

There are four tasks to be completed in this exercise:

  1. Explore the Riverside data, using ArcCatalog.
  2. Using the ArcPad Data Manager to get data for editing in ArcPad.
  3. In ArcPad, adding lights and light inspections to existing poles using related tables.
  4. Using the ArcPad Data Manager to get the data that was edited in ArcPad.