Getting Data from ArcPad

The Get Data from ArcPad tool lets you check field edits made in ArcPad back into the geodatabase from which the .AXF data was originally exported. You can also import ArcPad graphics files into ArcMap’s graphics layer.

You can check in edits from one or more ArcPad AXF files at a time, and from one or more feature classes at a time. Summaries of all added, modified, and deleted features are presented for each feature class and its related tables. All edits on related table records are checked in when their parent feature classes are checked in.

All edits that occurred in ArcPad can be checked back into the geodatabase. Edits are replayed to the geodatabase in the same order as they occurred in ArcPad.

Although it is not required to have an open edit session when checking in data that has been edited in ArcPad, it is highly recommended. Edits that are checked in to an open edit session can be reviewed and rejected if necessary.

When you choose the Get Data from ArcPad tool NO ALT TEXT you will be presented with the following screen:


Use the add data NO ALT TEXT button to browse for your AXF files. Once you choose the AXF to Get Data from, the window will show you a summary of the edits to be checked in. Counts added, modified and deleted features are listed for each feature class and table as shown below:


To check these changes in, simply select the layer(s) you wish to check in and click the check in button.