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About ArcPad

ESRI ArcPad is a mobile mapping and geographic information system (GIS) software. Mobile computing is bringing fundamental changes to the way geography is utilized with the ability to bring your work with you and to interact directly with the world around you.

ArcPad takes advantage of mobile computing and input devices such as GPS, rangefinders, and cameras to provide workers with the tools to collect, edit, update, and query GIS data in the field. Data collection with ArcPad is efficient and significantly improved with immediate data validation and availability. The end result of using ArcPad is a GIS database that is accurate, complete, consistent, and current. This leads to more accurate analysis and better decision-making.

The ArcPad Resource Center Gateway

ArcPad includes a web-based portal that provides access to dynamic web help, community pages, support information, templates to help you get started using ArcPad, and much more. You can get connected with other users and begin to find useful and up-to-date information at the Resource Center. You can also get connected with others in your user community.

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