Steps to create point features with a GPS

  1. Tap the GPS Point button to capture a new point feature at the current GPS position.


    The Feature Properties dialog box or custom edit form is automatically displayed after the new point feature has been created.

  2. The Geography page shows a progress bar, which counts down from the specified number of GPS positions to average to zero.
  3. Scroll and tap Attributes to display the Attributes page. Type the attributes for the new point feature.


  4. Tap OK to save the attributes, close the edit form—or the Feature Properties dialog box—and complete the new point feature.

    If you tap OK before the averaging is complete, a dialog box will display asking whether you want to terminate the GPS position averaging.

    You can also tap the X button if you want to cancel the capture of the new point feature. The point feature and any attributes that have been typed in will be deleted.