Overview of finding features

The Find tool can be used to select features from a layer using a search query, or to find a specific location. The Find tool consists of three default pages: Query, Results, and Location. A custom query form will also be displayed, if present.

The results of the query are displayed in a list on the Results page. Once a list of queried features is displayed, you can select a feature and perform one of the following actions on that feature:

The results of the query also include a distance (DST) column which shows basic navigational information for each feature relative to the current GPS position—or relative to the center of the map if there is no GPS position.

This navigational information includes a directional arrow, relative to True North; a distance, using the current display units; and an abbreviated compass direction, for example NW for northwest.

The features can be sorted by distance by tapping on the DST column heading. Tapping the DST column heading once will sort by increasing distance, tapping a second time will sort by decreasing distance.


Search only features in view: Tap the ‘Search only features in view’ check box to limit the search to the features in the current map view.


Saving your search parameters: The search parameters that you have selected and entered are saved to the ArcPad Layer file (.apl) when you tap the OK button on the Query page to view the results. The search parameters are not saved when you tap the Results page tab to view the results.

Search parameters are saved (and recalled) for each layer selected.