Selecting a layer for editing

Layers are selected for editing by enabling the Start/Stop Editing tool on the Browse toolbar or by checking the layer’s Edit check box on the Layers page in the Table of Contents.

In ArcPad, you can have up to three shapefile or ArcPad AXF layers active for editing—one layer for each feature type: one point, one line, and one polygon layer. If you select the Graphics Layer for editing, all previously selected layers are deselected. However, with the Graphics layer selected, you can select up to two shapefile or AXF layers for editing. The shapefile and ArcPad AXF layers take precedence when editing, but you can still add sketches and notes to the Graphics layer.

  1. Tap the Start/Stop Editing button on the Browse toolbar.

    A drop-down list displays all of the editable layers in the current ArcPad map, with a corresponding icon to indicate the type of layer.


  2. Tap the layer that you want to edit

    The Edit toolbar and the Command bar will be displayed if they are not already displayed.

    In order to select more than one layer you will need to repeat steps 1 and 2. You can select one point, one line, and one polygon layer for editing, at one time, or the graphics layer.

    A red box around the layer icon indicates that the layer has been selected for editing.


    Determining the layer type: ArcPad allows you to edit point, line, and polygon shapefiles and ArcPad AXF layers, and graphics layers. The layer type is indicated by the following icons: NO ALT TEXT for point layers

    NO ALT TEXT for line layers

    NO ALT TEXT for polygon layers

    NO ALT TEXT for graphics layers