Dragging the sizing handles

ArcPad lets you change the size of a line or polygon feature in several ways: by dragging the sizing handles (resizing); by scaling the feature; by adding, moving, or deleting a vertex; or by appending vertices to the head or tail of a line.

  1. Select the line—or polygon— feature.
  2. Tap the drop-down arrow next to the Feature Properties button to display the dropdown list.
  3. Tap the Resize Feature button.

    The bounding box for the selected feature is displayed using a dashed line and sizing handles.


    Scaling your feature: Use the Scale Feature tool on the Feature Properties drop-down list to scale your feature. Scale maintains the proportion of the feature; the size of the feature changes but the shape of the feature does not. Select a feature, activate the Scale Feature button, and tap the screen or tap and slide with the pen to see the size of the feature change. Lift the pen when the desired size is achieved. Tap the Commit Geometry Changes button to accept the change.


    Adding, moving, and deleting vertices, as well as extending a line, are discussed earlier in this section.

  4. Tap and drag a sizing handle.

    The size of the bounding box is changed, and the feature is reshaped.

    Dragging a corner sizing handle will stretch, or shrink, a feature’s geometry proportionately, thereby maintaining the general shape of the feature


    Dragging a corner vertex versus dragging a corner sizing handle: Dragging a corner vertex will only move the selected vertex and will change the general shape of the feature. In contrast, dragging a corner sizing handle will stretch or shrink a feature’s geometry proportionately, similar to scaling the feature, thereby maintaining the general shape of the feature.

  5. Tap the Commit Geometry Changes button to complete the change. You cannot undo the feature changes once you have commited the changes.

    Changing the size of the sizing handles: Sizing handles are displayed using a solid black square symbol. You can change the size of the square by changing the Pen Tolerance on the Display page of the ArcPad Options dialog box.


    Moving and rotating features: The Move and Rotate Feature tools are also available in the Feature Properties drop-down list. With your feature selected, use these tools to drag a feature to a new location or to rotate a feature around a point.