Creating point features with the pen

You can tap on the screen (with a pen, stylus, or finger) to capture a point feature.

  1. Tap the Point button on the Edit toolbar.

    The Point button is now active, and ArcPad is in point capture mode. Any tap on the screen will create a new point feature at the corresponding coordinates.

    Tap on the map

  2. Tap the map at the location where you want to create the new point feature.

    The Feature Properties dialog box is automatically displayed after the new point feature has been created.

    If a custom edit form exists for a particular feature, it will be displayed; otherwise, the Feature Properties dialog box will open on the Attributes page.

    Attributes page

  3. On the Attributes page, tap the Property field to open the associated Value text box for typing in attribute data.

    For example, tapping the Property field HOUSE_NUM will open the associated Value text box for typing in the house number value of 917.

    The Soft Input Panel is displayed when a Value text box is opened. If is not displayed, tap the SIP icon on the Command bar to activate it.

    The Feature Properties dialog box will display the custom edit form if it exists.

    Custom edit form

  4. Tap OK to save the attributes, close the edit form, or the Feature Properties dialog box, and complete the capture of the new point feature.

    You can also tap the X button if you want to cancel the capture of the new point feature. The point feature, and any attributes that have been typed in, will be deleted.


    Creating custom edit forms: Custom edit forms can be created using ArcPad or ArcPad Studio. In ArcPad, custom edit forms can be created with either the QuickForm or QuickProject tools. Custom forms are saved in an ArcPad Layer file, which is associated with a shapefile (*.apl) or stored inside the ArcPad AXF file.

    Custom edit forms can have multiple tabs, or pages, each with multiple controls. These controls can include text boxes, date controls, and list boxes. Scripts associated with the form perform initialization and validation, enforcing correct data entry before continuing to another page or closing the form. Scripts cannot be added to forms from within ArcPad.


    Using a barcode scanner to input your data: Use a barcode scanner connected to your Windows Mobile device to easily input data into your edit forms or Attributes page.


    See Creating a QuickForm to learn how to create a Quick Form in ArcPad.

  5. The new point feature is created and displayed using the selected symbology. The point feature is also selected for editing, as indicated by the dashed selection box and the activated Feature Properties button.

    New point feature created

    The Point button is still active for capturing additional point features when it is displayed in depressed mode.


    Deactivating the Point button: The Point button is active when it is displayed in a depressed mode. Tapping any other tool in its place will deactivate the Point button.


    Working with scale-dependent layers: If you add a feature to a layer that has a scale dependency set, it may not be visible if you are zoomed out beyond the set extent.

    In order to see the feature, whether you are adding a new or displaying an existing feature, you will need to zoom in beyond the set scale. Scale dependencies are set on the Scale page of the Layer Properties dialog box.

    You will also need to zoom in beyond the set scale in order to see the features if a @##MAPSCALE## filter has been applied to an ArcPad AXF layer.