Overview of creating polygon features with a GPS

Creating a polygon feature using the incoming GPS coordinates involves the following steps:

  1. Select a polygon layer for editing via the Start/Stop Editing tool or the Table of Contents.
  2. Activate the GPS.
  3. Tap the Polygon button to start capturing a polygon feature.
  4. Tap the Add GPS Vertex button to capture a single vertex or tap the Add GPS Vertices Continuously button to capture streaming vertices.
  5. Tap the Proceed button to complete the capture of the polygon feature.
  6. Type in attributes for the new polygon feature.


Enabling GPS position averaging for vertices: GPS position averaging for vertices is enabled in the Capture page of the GPS Preferences dialog box. You can also specify the number of GPS positions for ArcPad to average.


Undoing or canceling your edits: Use the Undo tool to go back a step to the previously captured vertex or use the Cancel Edits tool to erase all edits. These tools are only enabled prior to tapping the Proceed button. Once you tap the Proceed button and tap ok on the Feature Properties dialog box, your edits cannot be undone.