Overview of creating line features

ArcPad has the following tools for creating line features:

  1. Line—This tool creates a straight line joining the coordinates from where the pen first touches the screen and ends where the pen is lifted.
  2. Polyline—This tool captures a vertex each time the pen taps the screen or each time the Add GPS Vertex button is tapped. The Add GPS Vertices Continuously button can also be used to capture vertices continuously from the GPS. Offsets can also be used to create vertices for a polyline. The line is completed when the Proceed tool on the Command Bar is tapped.
  3. Freehand Line—This tool creates a sketch based on the line drawn with the pen. The line is completed when the pen is lifted.

The Line, Polyline, and Freehand Line tools can be used with the mouse pointer or pen. The Polyline tool can also be used with the incoming GPS coordinates or with offsets.

All of the line features are created in a line layer—a shapefile, an ArcPad AXF layer, or a graphics layer. The new line feature is stored as x,y, and, optionally, z coordinates.


See Creating new features with a GPS for more information on using the Add GPS Vertex and Add GPS Vertices Continuously buttons. See Working with offsets for more information on using offsets to create vertices.