Labeling features with text

ArcPad allows you to label features with text. The Text Label field is supported for point, line, and polygon layers.

The Labels page of the Layer Properties dialog box is used to specify display settings for labels of a point, line, or polygon layer. You can specify the attribute field for the label text; the size, color, and type of font; the reference scale for the label text; the placement for point and line features; and the display scale range of the label text.


Importing text symbols from ArcGIS Desktop styles: The text symbols from the ArcGIS Desktop Styles can be imported into ArcPad using the ArcPad Data Manager for ArcGIS Desktop. See section, ‘ArcPad Data Manager for ArcGIS’, for more information.


Using an expression to label your features: ArcPad enables you to use an expression to label your features. Expressions can be any valid script in the default script language (e.g., VBScript or JScript).

Following standard scripting notation, string literals must be enclosed in quotation marks, attribute fields are accessed via the [fieldname] technique, and the CStr function can be used to concatenate numeric fields. ArcPad automatically converts any resultant expression into a string.

For example, the following VBScript expression will result in a stacked label of two fields, NAME and YEAR.

[NAME] & vbCrLf & [Year]

The following VBScript expression will result in a label showing a caption followed by the area. The area is calculated from two fields, WIDTH and LENGTH.

“Area=” [WIDTH] * [LENGTH]


Advanced Maplex Labeling not supported in ArcPad: The advanced labeling settings created in Maplex are not supported in ArcPad. Maplex labeling is an automated high-quality cartographic text placement and labeling extension for producing high-quality cartographic automated labeling for digital and hard-copy maps. It is not appropriate for ArcPad projects.


For more information refer to the Label Properties topics in the Reference Guide.