Editing attributes

The Feature Properties dialog box lets you view and edit the attributes of the feature you have selected. The Feature Properties dialog box is automatically displayed once any new feature is created.

By default, the Feature Properties dialog box includes pages for Attributes, Picture, Symbology, and Geography; a custom edit form will also be displayed if it exists. The custom edit form may change the title of the Feature Properties dialog box—for example, “Trees”.

  1. Select the point, line, or polygon feature.

    The Feature Properties button on the Edit toolbar is enabled once a feature is selected.

  2. Tap the Feature Properties button—or double-tap the feature—to open the Feature Properties dialog box.
  3. On the Attributes page, tap the Value field to open the associated Value text box for typing in attribute data.

    For example, tapping the Value field associated with the HOUSE_NUM Property will open the associated Value text box for typing in the house number value of “917”.

    The Soft Input Panel is displayed when a Value text box is opened. If it does not, tap the SIP icon on the title bar.


    Typing data on devices without keyboards: Devices without keyboards—for example, Windows Mobile devices—use a Soft Input Panel (SIP) for typing in data. On Windows Mobile devices, you open the Soft Input Panel by tapping the SIP icon on the title bar.

    The Feature Properties dialog box displays the custom edit form if it exists.

    Custom edit form

  4. Tap OK to save the attributes and close the edit form.

    You can also tap the X button if you want to cancel any changes made to the attributes.


    Creating custom edit forms: Custom edit forms can be created using ArcPad or ArcPad Studio. In ArcPad, custom edit forms can be created with either the QuickForm or QuickProject tools. Custom forms are saved in an ArcPad Layer file, which is associated with a shapefile (*.apl) or stored in the ArcPad AXF file.

    Custom edit forms can have multiple tabs, or pages, each with multiple controls. These controls can include text boxes, date controls, and list boxes. Scripts associated with the form perform initialization and validation, enforcing correct data entry before continuing to another page or closing the form. Scripts cannot be added to forms from within ArcPad.


    Using a barcode scanner to input your data: Use a barcode scanner connected to your Windows Mobile device to easily input data into your edit forms.


    See Creating a Quick Form to learn how to create Quick Forms in ArcPad to edit your features.