Overview of using the Label tool

The Label tool lets you place temporary labels on the map for the selected feature. When you tap the map while the Label tool is active, ArcPad searches the layers from the top of the Table of Contents, and places a label for the first feature it finds. The layers do not have to be active for Identify in order to be labeled with the Label tool. If no feature is found, ArcPad places a "Nothing found" message in the status bar.

For the label title, ArcPad searches for fields called NAME, TITLE, or ID—or the first field if none of these fields exist.

For the label comments, ArcPad searches for fields called COMMENTS, DESCRIPTION, DESC, or DESCRIPTIO—no comment is display if none of these fields exist.

The Label tool displays a maximum of 10 labels. The first label is removed when the eleventh label is placed.


Removing all labels from the map: Tap the Clear Selected Features tool to remove all labels from the map.