Deleting a vertex

  1. Tap the Select & Vertex Editing button.
  2. Select the line—or polygon— feature.
  3. Tap and hold within the blue vertex square that you want to delete to display the Move To menu.
  4. Tap Delete Vertex.

    Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each vertex you would like to delete.

  5. Tap the Commit Geometry Changes button on the Command bar when you are finished.

    The vertices are deleted from the line—or polygon—and the feature is reshaped.


    Undoing or canceling your edits: Use the Undo tool to go back a step to the previously captured vertex or use the Cancel Edits tool to erase all edits. These tools are only enabled prior to tapping the Proceed button. Once you tap the Proceed button and tap ok on the Feature Properties dialog box, your edits cannot be undone.