Creating a line feature using the Freehand Line tool

  1. Tap the arrow below the feature tool to display the drop-down list. Tap the Freehand Line feature tool.


  2. Tap the map and while still holding the pen on the map —or screen—drag the pen to where the line should end.
  3. Lift the pen to end the new line feature.

    The Feature Properties dialog box or custom edit form is automatically displayed after the new line feature has been created.

  4. On the Attributes tab, tap the Value field to open the associated Value text box for typing in attribute data.
  5. On the Symbology tab, select the symbol for the new line feature.

    Symbology is based on the attribute value, therefore by selecting the symbology, you are also selecting the associated attribute value for this feature.


  6. Tap OK when you are finished entering the required information.

    Refer to the Overview of QuickProject for more information on editing the categories on the Symbology page.