Extending a line

You can extend a line feature by adding, or appending, vertices to the tail (end) of the line. The Append Vertices tool is selected via the Feature Properties drop-down list.

In order to extend a line feature at the head (start) of a line, you can use the Insert Vertices tool. Refer to the next exercise to learn how to use the Insert Vertices tool.

Vertices can be added by using the pen, incoming GPS coordinates, offsets, or by typing in coordinates.

  1. Select a line layer for editing using the Start/Stop Editing drop-down list or via the Table of Contents.
    Append vertices
  2. Tap the Select tool.
  3. Select the line feature you wish to extend.
  4. Tap the drop-down arrow next to the Feature Properties button to display the drop-down list.
  5. Tap Append Vertices.

    The vertices will be displayed using a gray square. The head, or start, vertex is displayed with a bold square. All other vertices are displayed with normal squares.


    Changing the size of the vertex symbols: Vertices are displayed using a square symbol. You can change the size of the square by changing the Pen Tolerance in the Display page of the ArcPad Options dialog box.


    Selecting features for editing is discussed in the Editing basics section.

  6. Tap the map to add vertices and extend the line.
    Add vertices to extend the line

    You can only append vertices to the end, or tail, of the line.


    Adding vertices with a GPS: You can also use the Add GPS Vertex and Add GPS Vertices Continuously buttons to add vertices. These buttons are only enabled if you have a GPS receiver connected and activated.

  7. Tap the Commit Geometry Changes button on the Command bar when you are finished extending the line.

    The new vertices are added to your line feature.

  8. To exit the append vertices mode, tap any other tool to activate it and deactivate the Append Vertices tool.