Using hyperlinks

  1. Once hyperlinks have been activated for a layer, tap the drop-down arrow below the Identify button.
  2. Tap Hyperlink.

    The hyperlink tool is activated, and the Hyperlink button is depressed and promoted onto the toolbar.


  3. Tap the feature for which you would like to display a hyperlink.

    ArcPad launches the program associated with your hyperlink, and it is displayed on the screen


  4. Tap OK to close the external application and return to ArcPad.


    Displaying hyperlinked documents: Hyperlinks in ArcPad are links to external programs. They are not opened directly in ArcPad. If you specify a Web address as a hyperlink, you must start the address with http://—for example, ArcPad then launches your default Web browser and displays the Web page, if you are connected to the Internet. If you specify a photograph or video as a hyperlink, ArcPad will launch the associated program that will then open the document


    Troubleshooting hyperlinks: Hyperlinks will fail to launch for one of the following reasons:

    • There is no program associated with the hyperlink file.
    • The associated program cannot find the file.
    • The Web address does not start with http://.
    • The Internet connection is unavailable.