Overview of moving features

To move a feature, you must first select it using one of the Select tools. With the Select and Select at GPS Position tools you can move the feature by dragging it. In order to move a point feature or vertex to a specific x, y coordinate or to the current GPS position, you must use the Select & Vertex Editing tool. Once changes have been made, you must commit the changes before they are saved. These steps eliminate the possibility of accidentally moving features in the field.

You can move features and vertices in three different ways:

  1. Drag the feature.
  2. Type in new x,y coordinates.
  3. Move to the current GPS position coordinates.

Dragging is the easiest way to move a feature. Use this method when you have a general idea of where you want to move the feature. You can drag point, line, or polygon features.

You can type in new x,y coordinates or use the current GPS position coordinates when you want to move a point feature or line and polygon vertices to a precise location.


Changing the size of the vertex symbols: Vertices are displayed using a square symbol. You can change the size of the square by changing the Pen Tolerance in the Display page of the ArcPad Options dialog box.


Cancel feature move: Use the Cancel Feature Edits tool to undo any changes you have made, such as dragging a feature. You can only use the Cancel Feature Edits tool before you tap the Commit Geometry Changes button.


Refer to the topic, Moving a vertex, for more information on moving a vertex of line or polygon features.