Process ArcPad Project

This tool allows you to create data for use in ArcPad based upon a previously configured ArcPad project.


Before you run this tool, make sure you have created the preconfigured check out in ArcMap using the Configure Project for Geoprocessing wizard.

When you choose to run this tool, you are prompted to enter the full file path of the ArcMap map document that has been configured for ArcPad. Browse for this file and click OK.


Data files will now be created in the folder which was specified when you created the ArcPad project file using the Configure Project for Geoprocessing wizard in ArcMap. If the same folder that is not empty already exists, the tool will fail. You may either empty the folder or check the 'Delete existing files from previous processed projects' option which will remove the old files in the folder.

The results of the process are shown in a dialog box.