Overview of adding ArcPad AXF layers

In addition to shapefiles, ArcPad also supports vector data in ArcPad AXF files. AXF files are databases which use the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition database engine. An ArcPad AXF file consists of one or more feature layers—it is these feature layers which appear in the Add Layers dialog box and which can be added to the ArcPad map.

ArcPad AXF files are created by the ArcPad Data Manager for ArcGIS Desktop—geodatabase feature classes which are selected for editing in ArcPad are exported as feature layers in an ArcPad AXF file.


AXF layer in Add Layer dialog box has a red cross over the layer icon: A red cross over the AXF layer icon in the Add Layer dialog box indicates the the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition database engine has not been installed on your device. The database engine is automatically installed on your PC when ArcPad is installed. Use the ArcPad Deployment Manager to install the database engine to your Windows Mobile device.