ArcPad Check Out

The following window appears when you open the ArcPad Check Out tool:


You can use the Input Feature Layers drop-down list and Folder button to select the geodatabase layers to be checked out. Only geodatabase feature classes can be checked out. You can choose to encrypt the output ArcPad AXF file by entering in a password. To name the resultant ArcPad AXF file, use the Folder button to navigate to the target folder, and then enter in the required ArcPad AXF filename.

The ArcPad Check Out tool checks out the entire feature class—it does not allow you to select a subset of features to checkout. In order to check out a subset of features using Geoprocessing tools, you must first use the Configure Project for Geoprocessing wizard in ArcMap to prepare an ArcPad project. Then you may use the Process ArcPad Project tool to automate a repeated check out process with the pre-set configuration including the feature selections. You can also use the Get Data For ArcPad tool in ArcMap to check out a subset of features.

The results of the check out process are shown in a dialog box.