Display quality

The display quality of your symbols directly affects the speed at which ArcPad draws them. Under certain conditions, you may want to sacrifice the display quality of your symbology in exchange for a faster drawing speed. ArcPad uses greeking to quickly display symbols at a lower threshold of quality so that they draw faster.

Greeking is a method of displaying small text or symbols by software programs. Because some text or symbols are too small to display, more simple characters or lines are used to display that text. The color and the general shape of the symbol are maintained but the details of the symbol are simplified. Greeking for points, lines, polygons, and multipoint features can be turned on or off via the Display Quality page of the Advanced Settings dialog box. These properties are stored in the ArcPadPrefs.apx file.

Display Thresholds

Display thresholds or greeking can be enabled or disabled in the Advanced Settings dialog box for points, lines, polygons, and mulitpoints. You can also change the greeking thresholds by editing the ArcPadPrefs.apx file. Refer to the ArcPad Studio Help for more detailed information on greeking thresholds.

The following display thresholds exist for each geometry type: