Working with scale-dependent symbology

The Scale page of the Symbology Properties dialog box is used to specify the minimum and maximum display scales for a layer’s symbology. When Show at all scales is selected, the layer’s symbology will be displayed regardless of the current map scale. When Don’t show when zoomed: is selected, the symbol will only be displayed when the map scale is within the range specified in the In beyond 1: and Out beyond 1: fields.

The Reference 1: scale specifies at which scale the symbol will be displayed at the defined size. The symbol will be shown larger when zoomed in, and smaller when zoomed out.

The 1:N scale button is used to capture the scale of the current map’s view in ArcPad.


Set scale-dependent layers and labels: You can also set minimum and maximum display scales for an entire layer and for the labels of a layer. See the ArcPad Reference Guide for more information.