Overview of spatial and attribute indexes

An index is a data structure used to speed the search for records in a database or for spatial features in geographic datasets. Attribute indexes are used with data in tables. Spatial indexes are used with graphical queries of spatial features. Having a current spatial index ensures that a high level of performance is maintained when drawing and working with the vector layers.

ArcPad supports spatial and attribute indexes for shapefiles and ArcPad AXF files. The spatial index for ArcPad AXF files are automatically created and maintained by ArcPad. The attribute indexes are created when the AXF file is created, and are automatically maintained by ArcPad.

You can create spatial and attribute indexes for shapefiles in ArcPad via the Attributes page of the Layer Properties dialog box. ArcGIS Desktop is used to create spatial indexes for large shapefiles.


For more information on spatial and attribute indexing, refer to the ArcGIS Help on the topic.