Creating a line feature using the Polyline tool and the pen

  1. Tap the arrow below the feature tool to display the drop-down list. Tap the Polyline feature tool.
  2. Tap the map to specify the position for the first vertex of the new line.

    The vertices are drawn with a blue box.


  3. Tap the map again to specify the position for the second vertex of the new line.

    Continue to tap the map to capture additional vertices.

    Go to Step 7 to complete the capture of the new line feature, or continue to Step 4 to use the capture menu to add more vertices.


    Using the Undo tool: Use the Undo tool on the Command bar to delete the last vertex captured. You can continue to delete all the vertices that have been captured for the line feature.

  4. At any time, you can tap and hold anywhere on the map to display the Capture menu.


  5. Tap Absolute X,Y to display the Vertex dialog box for typing in the x,y coordinates and, optionally, the z coordinate and m value for the next vertex.
  6. Type the coordinates for the next vertex or if the GPS is active, tap the GPS button on the Vertex dialog box to use the current GPS position.


  7. Tap the Proceed button on the Command bar to complete the capture of the new line feature.

    The Feature Properties dialog box or custom edit form is automatically displayed after the new line feature has been created.


    Refer to Working with traverses, in this section, for help with using the Polyline tool with offsets.

  8. On the Attributes page, tap the Value field to open the associated Value text box for typing in attribute data.

    For example, tap the Value field for the NAME Property to open the associated Value text box and type the street name value of “Lolita Ave”.


  9. Tap OK when you are finished entering your attribute and symbology information.

    Determining the length of a line feature: You can determine the length of a selected line feature by opening the Geography page of the Feature Properties dialog box. ArcPad dynamically calculates the length of the selected line and displays it in the Geography tab using the Display Units. The length is not stored with the feature’s attributes.