Overview of ArcPad Tools for ArcToolbox

The ArcPad Tools for ArcToolbox allow you to check out data for ArcPad and check in data from ArcPad, i.e. similar capabilities to the Get Data For ArcPad and Get Data From ArcPad tools in the ArcPad Data Manager for ArcMap. Using the Deploy to Mobile Device tool, you may deploy data or an application in a CAB file to a connected mobile device. In addition, the Process ArcPad Project tool allows you to get data for ArcPad based on a preconfigured check out in ArcMap using the Configure Project for Geoprocessing tool. The QuickProject to Geodatabase tool imports shapefiles created in ArcPad as part of a QuickProject, into a geodatabase.

The ArcPad Tools can be accessed from ArcToolbox (in either ArcCatalog or ArcMap) or within a model. The tools are installed with ArcPad and are automatically activated, however they can also be activated from ArcCatalog. You can use these tools similar to other tools and also add them to your geoprocessing models or use them standalone.