Steps to create segmented polyline features

  1. Select the line feature whose end you would like to be the start of your new feature.


  2. Tap the drop-down arrow to the right of the Point feature type button to display the drop-down list and tap Polyline.
  3. Tap the drop-down arrow to the right of the Offset Point button to display the dropdown list.
  4. Tap Segment Polyline.

    The Segment Polyline tool is promoted to the Edit toolbar.

  5. The last vertex of the previously selected feature is highlighted using a blue box. This is the start vertex of your new feature.


  6. Tap the map at the location of the next vertex or vertices.
  7. Tap Proceed to finish the line segment.
  8. Enter the information for the segment using the Feature Properties dialog box.

    If a custom edit form exists, it will be displayed. You can also select the symbology for the line feature or segment

  9. Tap OK.

    The Segment Polyline tool will be enabled on the Edit toolbar.

  10. Tap the Segment Polyline tool.
  11. Repeat Steps 5–10 to continue your segmented polyline.

    Each time you capture a segmented feature, the next feature will begin at the end of the previously created, or selected, feature.


    Undoing or cancelling your edits: Use the Undo tool to go back a step to the previously captured vertex or use the Cancel Edits tool to erase all edits. These tools are only enabled prior to tapping the Proceed button. Once you tap the Proceed button and tap ok on the Feature Properties dialog box, your edits cannot be undone.