Adding a previously loaded internet server layer to your ArcPad map

  1. Tap the Add Layer(s) button on the Main toolbar.
  2. Tap the Folder button to navigate to the internet service layer you would like to add.

    ArcGIS online layers are displayed as ArcGIS Explorer map files with a .nmf suffix. These allow you to refresh the layer from the Internet server where you originally retrieved it. The image layer received from the internet service is stored locally. Premium (Bing) layer image tiles will only stay on your device for 24 hours. Each day you will need to ensure a TCP/IP connection is made, to download Premium (Bing) layer image tiles.

    ArcIMS layers are displayed as Geography Network Definition files with a .gnd suffix.


  3. Check the check box beside the datafile(s) you would like to add.

    A red check mark indicates selected files. You are able to specifically browse to the previously downloaded image tiles (usually .jpg or .png tiles), however this will only added the last image requested from the internet service. If you check the .nmf or .gnd layer, you can refresh the layer for the most current data. You should only select one.

  4. Tap OK.

    Your internet server layers are added to the existing ArcPad map.