Overview of creating point features

You can create point features using the mouse pointer, pen, or incoming GPS coordinates. Creating a point feature involves the following steps:

  1. Select a point layer for editing using the Start/Stop Editing tool.
  2. Tap the Point button, or the GPS Point button, on the Edit toolbar.
  3. Tap the map to create a new feature.
  4. Type in attributes for the new point feature.

The Feature Properties dialog box lets you view and edit the attributes of the feature you have selected. The Feature Properties dialog box is automatically displayed once any new feature is created.

By default, the Feature Properties dialog box includes pages for Attributes, Picture, Symbology, and Geography; a custom edit form will also be displayed if it exists. The custom edit form may change the title of the Feature Properties dialog box. For example, “Trees”.


Enabling the Point button: The Point button on the Edit toolbar is only enabled if a point layer has been selected for editing. You can select a layer for editing via the Start/Stop Editing tool or in the Table of Contents.


Refer to, Creating point features, for more information on using incoming GPS coordinates to capture a point feature.