Overview of creating a photo layer

ArcPad supports photo layers. A photo layer is a file that contains photos with GPS coordinates in the EXIF header of each photo file. The photo layer file, which has an .APH extension, specifies how the photo layer should be displayed in ArcPad.

To create a new photo layer you use the Photo Layer tool in the New sub-menu. Once a photo layer has been created it can be added to the ArcPad map in the same way that other layers are added.

The Identify and Hyperlink tools can be used with the photo layer.

The Identify tool displays the photo’s attributes, or EXIF information, in the Feature Information dialog box.

The Hyperlink tool displays the photo, using the external application associated with JPEG files


Changing the symbol and label settings for the photo layer: A photo layer is an XML file, with an .APH extension, that can be edited with a text editor. You can specify the symbol used to display the location of the photos by editing the .APH file. You can also specify whether or not the symbol is labeled with the photo filename.


Visit www.exif.org for more information on EXIF, the Exchangeable Image File Format