Taking a photo associated with a feature

  1. Open the Feature Properties dialog box for the feature that you want to associate the photo with.

    The Feature Properties dialog box is automatically displayed after a new feature is created. To display the Feature Properties dialog box for an existing feature, use the Select tool to select the feature and tap the Feature Properties button on the Edit toolbar.

  2. Navigate through the tabs and tap the Picture tab.
  3. Tap the Field drop-down list to select the field to be used for storing the filename of the photo to be taken. The selected field name will be used as the prefix for the photo’s filename.


    You can use the folder button to select an existing photo on your device to associate with the feature. Once a photo has been captured, you can use the rotate left or rotate right buttons to change the orientation of the photo.

  4. Tap the Camera icon to open the camera tool.

    Proceed to the following task describing how to use the camera tool.


    The Picture page is missing: If you are using a custom form, your Feature Properties dialog box may not show the Picture page. Custom input forms can optionally hide the default pages of the Feature Properties dialog box, including the Picture page.


    Creating field names for photo filenames: ArcPad automatically populates the Field dropdown list with field names which appear to be suitable for storing photo filenames. To do this, ArcPad looks for any text field—in the shapefile’s dBase® table or in the ArcPad AXF file— which has a name that contains the words photo, image, or picture. The text field also needs to have a minimum length of 20 characters.


    Refer to the Picture topic for more information on the fields in the Picture page of the Feature Properties dialog box.