QuickCapture toolbar

The QuickCapture toolbar is a dynamic toolbar generated by ArcPad, and its content is defined by the open layers in your map. Its purpose is to provide you with a one-click ability to create new features in your map.

If you open ArcPad with no data, the toolbar displays only one tool, Capture Photo with GPS.

Capture Photo with GPS

The Capture Photo with GPS tool (and the Capture Photo Point in the drop-down menu below the Capture Photo with GPS tool) allows you to immediately start capturing stand-alone photos. If your device has a GPS connected, selecting the Capture Photo with GPS tool will:

Selecting the Capture Photo Point tool will:

When either the Capture Photo with GPS tool or the Capture Photo Point tool is initially selected and a photo is taken, the default photo layer will also be added to your map.

In order to demonstrate the use of the QuickCapture toolbar, the following screen capture shows the QuickCapture toolbar when a new QuickProject is opened in ArcPad.

QuickCapture toolbar

By default, if a layer has symbology categories defined (as in a QuickProject), the first three categories will be represented on the toolbar. In order to capture a feature, simply tap the feature category that you wish to capture.

When capturing point features, if the GPS is on, your feature is captured with the single tap. Unless previously disabled, following the tap on the QuickCapture tool, you will see the features attribute form (see Layers to see how to disable a layers edit form). If the GPS is off, you will need to follow up that tap with a tap on the map in the location where you wish to capture the feature. After this tap, the attribute form will open. In the attribute form, you will see that the category field will be automatically populated (along with other default values defined in the source geodatabase).

In the case of capturing line and polygon features, if the GPS is on, tapping a tool in the QuickCapture creates the first vertices in the feature. To continue or complete the feature, use the tools on the Command bar.

Command bar

After the geometry of the line polygon feature is completed, unless previously disabled, the attribute form will open (see Layers to see where the display of the edit form is set).

Customizing the QuickCapture toolbar

It is possible to

Disabling QuickCapture

QuickCapture can be removed by customizing your toolbars. You can customize toolbars in

Change the capture tools that appear on the QuickCapture toolbar

By default, a maximum of three capture tools are created on the QuickCapture toolbar for every editable layer in the map. If a layer has only one symbol defined for that feature, only that symbol is represented on the QuickCapture toolbar for that layer.

Riverside QuickCapture toolbar

If a layer has a symbol category, for example, the parcels layer in Riverside sample data, the first three symbol categories will be listed.

You can change which capture tools appear on the QuickCapture toolbar by checking/unchecking symbol categories on the QuickCapture tab of the Table of Contents dialog box. You can have as many tools as you like.

Table of Contents QuickCapture tab

After making a change in the ArcPad Table of Contents and tapping OK, next time you view the QuickCapture toolbar, you will see the newly selected capture tools.

Customized QuickCapture toolbar

Add additional tools to the QuickCapture toolbar

You can further customize the QuickCapture toolbar by adding other tools to it. This might be useful if you wish to remove all the other toolbars and only have a single toolbar for editing. For example, it might be useful to add the Quit ArcPad tool to the QuickCapture toolbar. The quickest way to add other tools to the QuickCapture toolbar, is to use the Toolbar Editor that is available in Design Mode.