The Navigation tab is used to nominate navigation preferences in ArcPad.

Default navigation map

Nominating a default navigation map here will allow you to use the 'Add default navigation map layer' tool on the Navigation toolbar. For example, if you select the Rhode Island sample navmap file here, then tap the 'Add default navigation map layer' tool on the Navigation toolbar, the Rhode Island navmap file will be instantly added to your map.

Unlike shapefiles and AXF's Navmap layers (also referred to as sdc data) can reproject on the fly in ArcPad. This means you can safely add a Navmap layer to your existing data in ArcPad, and your existing coordinate system will remain.

Navigation Mode

You can nominate the navigation mode used in ArcPad. As in earlier versions of ArcPad, the default navigation mode is 'Line of Sight'. When a feature is selected in ArcPad and the user chooses the GoTo tool, a Line of Sight distance and bearing to that feature are displayed in the ArcPad GPS Position window and the GPS Status panel.

From version 10, ArcLogistics users have additional Navigation choices in ArcPad. ArcLogistics users can install the ArcLogistics Navigator component onto their ArcPad device. This will enable all options on this Navigation dialog. Choosing ArcLogistics as the navigation mode in ArcPad, will replace ArcPad's default Line of Sight navigation with voice enabled turn by turn navigation in ArcLogistics Navigator.

Choosing Line of Sight + ArcLogistics as the navigation mode, will ensure that whilst ArcLogistics is being used, Line of Sight Navigation continues in ArcPad. This would be useful if your features are not near a navigable road (eg: in the middle of a field). ArcLogistics will navigate you to the closest road location, and then you can use ArcPad to navigate specifically to the feature.

GPS active in ArcPad during navigation

By selecting to keep the GPS active in ArcPad during navigation, when you return to ArcPad (from ArcLogistics) your ArcPad map will be centred immediately at the location you navigated to.

Run navigator in simulator mode

ArcLogistics Navigator can run in simulator mode. This is useful to view a navigation route when a GPS fix is not available.