ArcPad includes two datum configuration files, Transforms.dbf and DefaultTransforms.dbf, which are located in the ArcPad “System” folder. These files can be modified to add datum transformations as well as to override the default datum transformations within ArcPad.

The Transforms.dbf file allows the user to add datum transformation parameters that are searched before ArcPad’s internal datum transformations. This means that the data in this configuration file will override the datum transformation information embedded in ArcPad. The DefaultTransforms.dbf file forces ArcPad to use a specific datum transformation if there is more than one available for a given pair of datum names. (More information on the Transforms.dbf and DefaultTransforms.dbf files can be found in in the topic 'Project and datums'of the ArcPad Reference Guide.

The Datum Configuration Tool provides an easy to use tool for editing the Transforms.dbf and DefaultTransforms.dbf files. This tool is run on a desktop PC, and requires that ArcPad be installed on the desktop PC. Once the .dbf files have been edited they can be copied to the ArcPad “System” folder on your mobile device.

The Datum Configuration Tool has two tabs: