Using the ArcPad Today plug-in

By default, the ArcPad Today Plug-in displays the status of ArcPad and five tools, as shown below.


NO ALT TEXT ArcPad status

The ArcPad status icon has a small dot at the bottom right which indicates whether or not ArcPad is currently running on the Windows Mobile device. The dot is green when ArcPad is running, and red when ArcPad is not running.


Tapping the ArcPad icon will start ArcPad if it is not already running, or activate ArcPad if it is already running.

NO ALT TEXT Battery status

The battery status icon indicates various states of device power: whether the device is connected to AC power, whether the device’s battery is charging, and the charge level of the battery. These icons are similar to the icons used on laptop and tablet PCs. Tapping the battery status icon will open the Battery page of the device’s Power Settings.

NO ALT TEXT Program memory status

The program memory status icon shows the amount of free memory available for programs to run in. Tapping the program memory status icon will open the Main page of the device’s Memory Settings.

Storage memory status

Two storage memory status icons are used to display the amount of free storage space available on the device:

NO ALT TEXT Internal storage memory, that is storage that is built-in to the device. This storage corresponds to the root (\) folder on your mobile device.

NO ALT TEXT Storage card memory, that is storage that is located on any additional built-in memory storage, or on any removable storage card. One icon is shown for each storage card memory present on the device.

Tapping either storage memory status icon will open the File Explorer.