The Scale tab is used to specify the map scale for the ArcPad map view, as well as the reference scale for map symbology and labeling. The reference scale is applicable to all the layers in the current map, unless reference scales have been specifically set for a particular layer, symbol, or label.


Scale 1:

Type the scale for the ArcPad map view.

The default is blank.

Reference 1:

Type the reference scale for the map layers’ symbols and label text or tap NO ALT TEXT to specify the current map scale. When blank, symbols and labels are drawn at the specified symbol and font size. When not blank, the symbol and label size are based on the reference scale. When you specify a reference scale, the symbol and label text size will change as you zoom in or out.

The default is blank.

Reference scales can be set for the following:

The default is blank.

ArcPad uses the above hierachy to determine which reference scale will be used to draw a symbol or label. Each level, if set, overrides the reference scale of the levels above. For example, if specified, the layer reference scale overrides the map reference scale.

The reference scales are read from the ArcPad layer files (.apl) and the ArcPad map file (.apm). The reference scale in the ArcPad map file takes precedence if the reference scale is specified in both the ArcPad Layer file and the ArcPad map file. All changes to reference scales in ArcPad are saved in the ArcPad map file, in the ArcPad XML element corresponding to the reference scale that has been changed.